Baby Platypus at Lake Elizabeth

In mid February 2009 we saw our first glimpse of a new resident at the Lake. The Platypus breed each year at Lake Elizabeth and this year we have another baby.

They are only 20cm long when they first come out of their burrow after feeding on milk from their mother for 3 months. They start off life in an egg and when they hatch are only 2cm long. They grow to around 50cm long as an adult.

The baby Platypus live with their mother for another 2 – 3 months before finding their own place to live. They are a very shy creature and live by themselves, only coming out of their burrows to find food at the bottom of the Lake at dusk and dawn.

There has been plenty of activity from the Platypus this summer with all tours having great sightings. The dawn tour has been the best for sightings but with a 5am start has been the least popular.

As we move into autumn the Platypus will still be very active and generally easy to see. Winter is usually a great time to come to the Otways and the Platypus only become difficult to find in October when the females are incubating their eggs.

They are an amazing animal and need to be seen to be believed.

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