Great time for walking

The Great Ocean Walk is a very popular destination and has been busy again this summer. It has been beautiful weather along the southern coast of Victoria with only a few drops of rain in the last 2 months. This has been great for camping and groups have been able to have a swim at some of the protected beaches along the walk. It is a perfect place to beat the summer heat of Melbourne.

Walking the Great Ocean Walk in summer can have its difficulties. We have had sightings of Tiger snakes and a few extremely hot days as well as having to change plans with Park closures due to dangerous fie conditions. We are all looking forward to some rain to ease the fire dander in the area.

Walking during Autumn and Winter is a great option as it is out of season and we find less snakes and hot weather. The winters have been fairly mild the last few years and better walking.

The rain has its challenges but when you can look out to the ocean and see storms and their rainbows following for hours at a time, you can only sit back and look out in wonder at the beauty.

The Great Ocean Walk is ready and waiting to take you on a journey of discovery to remember forever.

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Baby Platypus at Lake Elizabeth

In mid February 2009 we saw our first glimpse of a new resident at the Lake. The Platypus breed each year at Lake Elizabeth and this year we have another baby.

They are only 20cm long when they first come out of their burrow after feeding on milk from their mother for 3 months. They start off life in an egg and when they hatch are only 2cm long. They grow to around 50cm long as an adult.

The baby Platypus live with their mother for another 2 – 3 months before finding their own place to live. They are a very shy creature and live by themselves, only coming out of their burrows to find food at the bottom of the Lake at dusk and dawn.

There has been plenty of activity from the Platypus this summer with all tours having great sightings. The dawn tour has been the best for sightings but with a 5am start has been the least popular.

As we move into autumn the Platypus will still be very active and generally easy to see. Winter is usually a great time to come to the Otways and the Platypus only become difficult to find in October when the females are incubating their eggs.

They are an amazing animal and need to be seen to be believed.

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Platypus sightings winter 2008

Platypus active at the Lake.

The Platypus are very active through the winter months.
The sightings are comparable to the last few winters.

The dawn tour proves to be the best time as we can see 3-4 Platypus feeding as we paddle from one end of the Lake to the other. Dawn on the Lake is simply stunning as we glide through the morning mist. The reflections on on the water surface and the old dead trees in the lake add another dimension to the experience.

It is rare to see Platypus in the wild and the chance of actually seeing one is very high.
We have a 95% success rate and usually see more than one individual.

Lake Elizabeth is a hidden jewel in the Otway Hinterland.
It is home to a population of around 6 Platypus who have found it to be a Platypus paradise.
They are a breeding colony and tend to breed every year. They are active all year as they eat up to 30% of their bodyweight of food every day.

During summer we tend to have great sightings as there is plenty of food about.
This is a fantastic time to see the Patypus and we have found from the last 6 years that early Febuary is the time the baby platypus first emerge from their mothers burrow.
We have been fortunate to see the baby Platypus at this time and it is a very rare chance for you to see them too!

We have tours to see the Platypus all year and leave from the town of Forrest, in the hinterland behind the Great Ocean Road.
Why not make a day of it and try our Platypus package. With a waterfall walk, transport and Breakfast included.
For an adventure try our Dinosaur Discovery tour. 4 days along the Great Ocean Road and 3 days walking the world class Great Ocean Walk. We take you on a real journey and show you some wild places and wildlife.

Why not join in and see for yourself, it is an experience you will remember forever.

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Expanding Range of Platypus Adventures

The Great Ocean Walk is right on our doorstep, so we are expanding the Otway Eco Tours’ famous platypus adventures to take in walks around this wonderful region.

We’ve started with 3 tour options, but we’re open to ideas and more than happy to create a tour that suits you.

As the site develops, we will link to other recommended Apollo Bay tours, and keep you up to date on Great Ocean Road accommodation options.

Keep an eye on this blog for new tour ideas, special offers, Great Ocean Road events and other news. And get in touch with us to share your thoughts and experiences. We’d love to hear from you.

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