Great Ocean Walk Winter 2010

Winter this year has proven to be the wettest for over 10 years. We visited Rainbow Falls just after the rain to see it in all its glory. Rainbow Falls flow from a spring in the Cliff form a beautiful rainbow in the afternoon light. These places are best seen in Winter and Spring.

We try to see the penguins at this time of the year as it gets dark early. The colony of about 1000 little penguins inhabits the dunes at the base of the 12 Apostles. Penguins begin to arrive about 10 minutes after sunset and with our Binoculars we get a great view.

The bird life along the Great Ocean Walk is amazing. Some of the larger birds often seen are Peregrine falcons, Australasian gannets, Albatross and Sea Eagles. Some migrate thousands of kilometres each year to feed and nest. There are numerous smaller birds including Fairy wrens, Kingfishers, Fire tails and White throated tree creepers.

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