Great time for walking

The Great Ocean Walk is a very popular destination and has been busy again this summer. It has been beautiful weather along the southern coast of Victoria with only a few drops of rain in the last 2 months. This has been great for camping and groups have been able to have a swim at some of the protected beaches along the walk. It is a perfect place to beat the summer heat of Melbourne.

Walking the Great Ocean Walk in summer can have its difficulties. We have had sightings of Tiger snakes and a few extremely hot days as well as having to change plans with Park closures due to dangerous fie conditions. We are all looking forward to some rain to ease the fire dander in the area.

Walking during Autumn and Winter is a great option as it is out of season and we find less snakes and hot weather. The winters have been fairly mild the last few years and better walking.

The rain has its challenges but when you can look out to the ocean and see storms and their rainbows following for hours at a time, you can only sit back and look out in wonder at the beauty.

The Great Ocean Walk is ready and waiting to take you on a journey of discovery to remember forever.

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