Platypus sightings May 09

The Platypus have been very busy feeding lately. They have been seen at all times of day and are very easy to see. We have had some close encounters at 5- 10 meters away. If we have been very quiet and still they haven’t even noticed us being there.

They are normally known to be elusive but at Lake Elizabeth we have a colony of about 6 and see them 95% of the time. It is rare not to see them and in early February we get to see the baby Platypus which is a real treat as they have been known to swim quite close to us.

We keep a record of Platypus activity and send this to Parks Victoria and this helps monitor their numbers and health. We also donate towards Platypus research in other states. Through our tours we are able to help study and conserve the Platypus for the future.

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