Platypus sightings winter 2008

Platypus active at the Lake.

The Platypus are very active through the winter months.
The sightings are comparable to the last few winters.

The dawn tour proves to be the best time as we can see 3-4 Platypus feeding as we paddle from one end of the Lake to the other. Dawn on the Lake is simply stunning as we glide through the morning mist. The reflections on on the water surface and the old dead trees in the lake add another dimension to the experience.

It is rare to see Platypus in the wild and the chance of actually seeing one is very high.
We have a 95% success rate and usually see more than one individual.

Lake Elizabeth is a hidden jewel in the Otway Hinterland.
It is home to a population of around 6 Platypus who have found it to be a Platypus paradise.
They are a breeding colony and tend to breed every year. They are active all year as they eat up to 30% of their bodyweight of food every day.

During summer we tend to have great sightings as there is plenty of food about.
This is a fantastic time to see the Patypus and we have found from the last 6 years that early Febuary is the time the baby platypus first emerge from their mothers burrow.
We have been fortunate to see the baby Platypus at this time and it is a very rare chance for you to see them too!

We have tours to see the Platypus all year and leave from the town of Forrest, in the hinterland behind the Great Ocean Road.
Why not make a day of it and try our Platypus package. With a waterfall walk, transport and Breakfast included.
For an adventure try our Dinosaur Discovery tour. 4 days along the Great Ocean Road and 3 days walking the world class Great Ocean Walk. We take you on a real journey and show you some wild places and wildlife.

Why not join in and see for yourself, it is an experience you will remember forever.

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